Each of the NANOPROTECH products thoroughly penetrates, lubricates and protects the surface.

Periodic treatment of mechanical and electrical equipment by NANOPROTECH will prevent damage caused by the elements, thus assuring trouble-free operation.

About Nanoprotech PRODUCTs

  • Protects metals and mechanisms against moisture (vapor, humidity, water condensate, splashes, fog, rain, acid rain, chlorinated and salt water)
  • Builds powerful elastic protective coating. Provides stable operation of equipment in winter
  • Protects against breakage of metal and steel mechanisms
  • Protects scratches and cracks on metal surfaces against corrosion
  • Eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt.
  • Significantly increases service life of moving mechanisms and equipment
  • Stops corrosion at all stages. Protects moving parts from corrosion.
  • Protects mechanisms against wear and tear. Eliminates squeaking
  • Protects bearings against humidity. Has high penetrating power

NANOPROTECH is the only nanotechnology product that has proven its effectiveness in protecting metal surfaces; electrical systems; and electronic parts, tools, machinery, and equipment from all forms of moisture (steam, humidity, condensation, mist, spray, salt water, acid rain, chlorinated water, chemical fumes, etc.). Testing our product for more than 7 years under various conditions such as extreme low/high temperature and corrosion environments allows us to confidently confirm that our products are the best in the market at the moment.

In comparison to other similar products that exist on the market today, NANOPROTECH is the only one that preserves its functionality even during the impact. The flexibility of the thin 2-3 micron NANOPROTECH coating makes it long lasting. The qualities of NANOPROTECH have been proven by comparative testes performed in independent laboratories in United State and Europe.

As of 2014, NANOPROTECH is sold in 38 countries around the world and the number of consumers continues to increase rapidly, confirming the product’s effectiveness.

Initially NANOPROTECH was solely used for industrial purposes; however, we expanded the line of products to be available for everyday consumer usage. As of today, we offer 9 different kinds of NANORPOTECH products on the market which had been modified from the original NANOPROTECH formula to fit specific conditions in which the products are to be used.

Each of the NANOPROTECH products thoroughly lubricates, protects, and penetrates the surfaces. Periodic application of NANOPROTECH on mechanisms, electrical systems, and electric equipment will prevent damage caused by the surrounding environment, assuring proper operation.

The quality of NANOPROTECH is monitored at all stages from the selection of raw material to the delivery of finished product to the warehouse. Recycled materials are not used in production of NANOPROTECH.

NANOPROTECH only uses highly purified oils of high quality and eco-friendly chemical components.


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