The product is unique in complete displacement of moisture. Compared to regular lubricants, NANOPROTECH Bicycle Anticor penetrates, lubricates and protects for a long time. A stable invisible nanocoating guarantees to stop squeaking and protects from wear for a minimum of 1 year. It is recommended to use the product for any movable mechanisms. The product significantly prolongs life of bicycle's metal parts,assemblies and equipment.

best mechanicalperformance


minimizes theaccumulation of dirt

Powerful Anticorrosion protection

prolong the life of metal parts

protects from wear and tear



Nanoparticles penetrate into the structure of the applied surface, displace moisture, stop squeaking, prevent corrosion, and build a coating that reduces friction and wear. The product does not lose its properties at the temperature range from -40 F t o +140 F. It is harmless for all materials and can penetrate into hard-to-reach spots. The product can be applied on wet surfaces and it maintains its elasticity for long time.

Types of equipment

that can be used by product

I have been using the Nanoprotech bike spray on all four of the bikes in my house. It keeps the rust off my kid’s bikes when they leave them outside, and it lubricates the chain and gears nicely on my bike and my wife’s.

Ernest W. VT

I ride my bike 50+ miles on the weekends and 20+ miles twice a week to and from work rain or shine. The Nanoprotech bicycle anticorrosion spray outperforms other brands I’ve tried over the years and it lasts longer after a heavy rain. I even use this on my carbon fiber front fork and it hasn’t effected it.

Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor:

Unlike the modern protective sprays lubricants that are made on the basis of either silicon or teflon that wash off quickly and attract grime, Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor has been developed based on nanotechnology. Nanotechnology allows the product to penetrate at a deeper level into the metal structure leading to better protection. Every metal surface over time develops microcracks that over time get filled with dirt, dust, and moisture. The accumulation of dirt, dust, and moisture leads to the destruction of the metal surfaces. For example lets take a look at the bicycle chain under magnification.

treated with conventional chain lubricants
chain processed Nanoprotek bicycle anticor

Current modern sprays are unable to penetrate deep enough to protect metal surfaces over extended period of time in an effective way. Unlike the silicon and teflon based technology, nanotechnology allows Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor to penetrate deeply within the microcracks and protect the surface effectively by blocking dirt and dust, and sealing the surface from moisture. In addition due to deep penetration property, Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor serves as a great lubricant that protects over long period of time against wear and tear. The professional bicyclists who currently use Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor claim that they started to replace their bicycle chains 10 times less and the overall performance of the chains increased with the proper lubrication that the Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor provides. Our product is not only made for professionals, but most importantly it is made to be family friendly. Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor would be great for applications on children bicycles, adult bicycles, tricycles, wheel mechanisms of baby strollers and much more.


The Steel Coupons were subjected to salt fog exposure in accordance with the RTCA/DO-160G, Section, Category T, Severe Salt Fog test. The test hardware was exposed to forty-eight (48) hours of salt fog followed by a twenty-four (24) hour dry out, and then repeated once more. A visual examination of the test hardware after application of the salt fog environment revealed varying degrees of corrosion on some of the coupons. The test hardware was returned to the customer for evaluation following test completion.

Test conditions:
  • t = - 31 F,
  • Test objects were continiously sprayed with 5% sodium chloride solution, saline solution.
Metal coupons treated with different kinds of anti corrosion products
zigma spray 500
Wurth saBesto Corrosion protection spray 300ml
Dintrol 485 rig coat 500ml
s doc 100 corrosion protectant 300ml
3-in-one original multi purpose oil spray (from wd40) 200ML
acf-50 369ml (lear cemical)
wd-40 450ml
3m scotch 1601 400ml
castrol chain lube racing 400ml
corrosion block (lear Chemical) 118ml
halfords zinc Primer rust resistant coating 300ml

To the bike served as long as possible to his master, it is necessary to periodically lubricate all its details. The most important and the first in the queue is the undercarriage - that is, all the details, enabling the movement of the bicycle, combined in one system. These include:

Axis brake system
Roller wheels for chain tensioning
Speed switcher
Ropes switching and braking
bottom bracket
The bearings in the wheel
Amortization system
Warning: For your safety DO NOT apply Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor on brake pads and wheel rims to prevent slippage


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