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Dear partners

I want to express my appreciation for our fruitful collaboration.
With you we were able to fulfill an essential mission of spreading the word about the advanced nanotechnology that protects against corrosion and short circuits. The Nanoprotech company never stops in its development. We continuously keep improving our current innovations and invest in the development of new innovations.

We are proud to announce that the testing of the new products is almost over and soon we will introduce to the market new eco-friendly products for a variety of market segments. This time we did not forget about women. I believe that every woman will be impressed with our household product line.

I believe that together with you, we will make the world a better place to live in.

Best of luck and wishing you a prosperous year!
Edward Kopshin
For your convenience, we have posted all the needed files for work on our server: medial files, samples of the contracts, manuals, certifications etc. In order to access the files, please input your log in information.

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