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Home & Garden

Prolongs the life of metal parts, assemblies and equipment used in household and garden applications. An invisible nanocoating protects home and garden electrical equipment and devices even when they are exposed to water.

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Restores moisture of damaged auto electrical equipment to working condition. Significantly proven to prolong the life of automobile equipment.

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Facilitates the removal of gun shoot residue. Prevents and protects gun mechanisms from friction and freezing for temperatures as low as -112 F. Protects for a minimum of one year.

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An invisible nanocoating guarantees to stop squeaking and protects moving mechanisms from wear and tear. Uniquely designed to completely displace moisture. The product prevents current leakage and insulation breakdown.

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Penetrates, lubricates and protects to significantly prolong the life of a bicycle. An invisible nanocoating guarantees metal mechanisms to stop squeaking land protects them from wear and tear.

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RC model

In contrast to well-known insulating sprays, Nanoprotech Electric is resistant to heavy usage. Nanoprotech does not evaporate and does not require any additional cleansing or lubricating prior to the application. Nanoprotech Electric displaces moisture,

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Protects against anticorrosion and aggressive activities over extend periods of time. Restores moisture damaged electrical equipment to working condition. Protects marine electrical equipment and devices even when submerged in water.

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