Our History

Nanoprotech formula was created thanks to the development of nanotechnology in Europe in 2007.

Next, the product went through the extraneous testing in simulation of the worst weather conditions. Hundreds of laboratory experiments that tested the properties and the performance of the product proved that the Nanoprotech product has no close competition.

Currently, business negotiations are under way with South American countries.

Looking ahead to 2015-2017, Nanoprotech developed marketing strategies for the growth of sales in the US and South America.

By the end of 2017, Nanoprotech plans to produce in North America at least 2 million aerosol cans of Nanoprotech products for consumer use and at least sell 50 tons of Nanoprotech product to industrial clients.

18 March 2010 Nanoprotech developed a retail product line for consumers

October 2012 the products were already selling in 3 countries

February 2013 the products were discovered by 5 countries in Europe

14 February 2014 Nanoprotech established an office and the full run production of the products in United States

second half of 2015 the products were already selling in Colombia, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico


Salt fog test report A visual examination of the test hardware after application of the salt fog environment revealed varying degrees of corrosion on some of the coupons.
Testing performed by:QUALITEST,INC Orlando, FL
Safety data sheet electric Nanoprotech Electric for Industries Safety data sheet anticor Nanoprotech Anticorrosion for Industries nanoprotech electric Material safety data sheet Nanoprotech anticorrosion Material safety data sheet Specification row material Nanoprotech Electric + Anticor for Industies SDS Nanoprotech Automobile Electric SDS Nanoprotech Bicycle Anticor SDS Nanoprotech Gun Anticor SDS Nanoprotech Home & Garden Anticor SDS Nanoprotech Home & Garden Electric SDS Nanoprotech Marine Anticor SDS Nanoprotech Marine Electric SDS Nanoprotech Motorcycle Anticor SDS Nanoprotech Motorcycle Electric SDS Nanoprotech RC Model Electric


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