Nanoprotech for Industries


Nanoprotech for Industries

Industrial line product by NANOPROTECH Anticor & Electric
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NANOPROTECH Anticor guarantees a powerful protection against corrosion, a longtime protection against moisture, a cleansing and lubricating effect, and it has an excellent surface adhesion to metals and alloys.

Anticorrosion protection should be used on all stages of production and operation of metal parts and mechanisms. Average loss due to corrosion accounts for about 12% of annual volume of metal production. In addition, corrosion causes premature breakdown of expensive and important equipment.

Purpose of NANOPROTECH Anticor:

  • protects metals and mechanisms against moisture (vapor, humidity, water condensate, splashes, fog, rain, acid rain, chlorinated and salt water);
  • displaces moisture;
  • builds powerful elastic protective coating;
  • protects against breakage of metal and steel mechanisms;
  • significantly increases service life of mechanisms;
  • protects moving parts from corrosion;
  • protects mechanisms against wear and tear;
  • eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt;
  • helps to loosen rust (bolts, screws, etc.);
  • eliminates squeaking
  • protects scratches and cracks on metal surfaces against corrosion;
  • provides stable operation of equipment in winter;
  • has high penetration rate
  • efficient in protection of bearings against humidity;
  • significantly increases service life of moving mechanisms,equipment, and details in adverse condition.


NANOPROTECH does not evaporate and does not require any additional cleansing or lubricating.
NANOPROTECH Electric displaces moisture, lubricates mechanisms, securely proofs electrical components even in damp environment, and improves performance of the equipment.

Purpose of NANOPROTECH Electric:

  • protects electronic devices against moisture (steam, condensate water, rain, chlorinated and salt water etc.)
  • increases service life of electrical equipment;
  • restores, maintains and improves dielectric resistance of electrical equipment in wet conditions;
  • restores performance and conductivity of moisture damaged parts from corrosion and oxidation;
  • protects against short circuits, malfunctioning and freezing of equipment;
  • protects against insulation breakdown and current leakage;
  • improves dielectric conductivity of the surfaces;
  • protects against oxidation, mildew and fungi on electrical contacts;
  • eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt;
  • cleans and protects contacts of electrical equipment against dust and dirt.