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Recommended directions for use: make sure to shake the can before use. Spray at the distance of 8-12 inches from the surface. After application on the surface, let the nanocoating rest for 10 minutes. If necessary, remove any excess spray. Wait for 24 hours to get the best protection.

Each of the Nanoprotech products thoroughly lubricates, protects, and penetrates the surfaces. Periodic application of Nanoprotech on mechanisms, electrical systems, and electric equipment will prevent damage caused by the surrounding environment, assuring proper operation. Nanoprotech only uses highly purified oils of high quality and eco-friendly chemical components.

The product is unique in complete displacement of moisture. Compared to regular lubricants, NANOPROTECH Home and Garden Anticor penetrates, lubricates and protects for long time. An invisible nanocoating guarantees to stop squeaking and protects from wear and tear for a minimum of 1 year. It is recommended to use the product for any movable mechanisms. The product significantly prolongs the life of metal parts, assemblies and equipment used in household and garden applications.

The product is unique in complete displacement of moisture. It restores moisture damaged electrical equipment to working condition. The product prevents current leakage and insulation breakdown. An invisible nanocoating protects home and garden electrical equipment and devices even when they are exposed to water. The product provides a powerful protection for at least 1 year and significantly prolongs the life of home and garden electrical devices and equipment.